How do you make your own homemade vape juice?

homemade vape juice

homemade vape juice

If you’re on the experienced side of vaping, perhaps it’s time to attempt making your own homemade vape juice? In a world where do-it-yourself tutorials are available at your fingertips, it’s easy to take advantage of the possibilities that could come from creating your own vape juice flavors. In reality, this fun, fascinating task could become a new favorite hobby.

What ingredients do you need to make vape juice?

Before we dive into the creation process, it is really important to know the basic ingredients that make up vape juice already. Most e-liquid substances on the market are made up of:

  • PG (Propylene glycol): a colorless compound that is found in food manufacturing processes and pharmaceuticals. Although, does not use this substance.
  • VG (Vegetable glycerin): a natural plant oil that is commonly used as an ingredient in food production.
  • Water
  • Nicotine: you are able to choose which strength of the substance you need based on your prior smoking habits. For example, if you are a heavy of strong, unfiltered cigarettes, you would want to make an e-cig juice with at least 24mg/ml to 36 mg/ml. If you are a light smoker that is weaning yourself off of the addictiveness of the substance, you would want to create a juice with 0mg/ml (zero nicotine e-juice) to 8mg/ml.

Are you ready to do it yourself?

Making your own homemade vape juice allows you to be creative by crafting unique flavors, choosing your PG, VG and nicotine levels easily and understanding the process that exists behind a technology you have grown to love.

You will need:

  • Rubber gloves: it’s always a good idea to keep your hands safe when you are experimenting with your own e-juice concoctions.
  • Safety goggles: Always protect your eyes when mixing together vape juices
  • Apron: it keeps your clothes clean.
  • Eyedroppers: they make it easier to measure precise amounts.
  • Unflavored e-juice or your own bottles of PG/VG blends: you can choose the percentage of PG/VG that you want in your juice.
  • Nicotine: choose your strength based on your smoking habits.
  • E-Juice flavoring: allows you to choose and mix the flavors you like.
  • A measuring jug: mixing e-juice involves math calculations.
  • Empty bottles: once you are happy with your homemade product, you will need a bottle or two to store it in.

When you finally have everything you need to create an awesome homemade vape juice, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Use an eyedropper to transfer and measure the appropriate amounts of PG, VG and nicotine into whatever bottle or container you have chosen to mix the ingredients in. After you have measured the above substances, it’s time to add some of your favorite flavors to the mix. For the best results, add a couple drops at a time and test it out frequently or else the flavor could quickly become too overwhelming. Lastly, write down the ingredient proportions that you used once you find a good e-juice blend. This way if you liked the mix you are able to recreate the delicious homemade vape juice at a later date and time.

Does this sound like way too much work for you? No problem. Sometimes purchasing vape juices online is the best way to get exactly what you want whether that’s smooth, gourmet flavors or something a little more traditional.

Have you ever made your own homemade vape juice? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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