A look into Prime Vapor’s vape juice production

creating vape juice flavors

creating vape juice flavors

Whether you are a vaper that enjoys the more traditional flavors — tobacco and menthol — or you love the delectable options that Primevapor.com has to offer, it is easy to see why their premium juices are so desirable. Yet, even though you know these USA-crafted products are made with high quality ingredients, I’m sure at some point you’ve wondered how they come together when creating vape juice flavors with such a signature taste?

“I like to think of us as an artisanal crafter of high quality e-cigs,” said President of Prime Vapor, Bill Fischer, as he described the individuality and rich flavor of the site’s top-notch products.

Needless to say, the unmistakable flavor varieties didn’t just come from Fischer and his partner analyzing the e-cig market, they also felt it was important to listen to customer suggestions when creating innovative juices that balanced with explicit taste.

“We are [very] responsive to our customers,” he explained.

In the past, “we used to send out polls about new flavors and base some of our decisions on that.”

Most e-juices available on the market are made using four simple ingredients — VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (propylene glycol), delicious flavorings and various of levels of nicotine — however, Prime Vapor chooses to leave PG out of their products.

“Vegetable glycerin is an all-natural substance made from palm oil, [while PG is] cheap and does not impart any taste to the flavor formula,” explained Fischer.

With the consumer being the utmost priority to the company, none of their flavor extracts used in production contain diacetyl, a substance that is known to cause hysteria and “popcorn lung.

Yet, when it comes to creating vape juice flavors, Prime Vapor takes pride in their small batch production methods.

“We have a lab that is up to the [food production] standard. Each batch is usually 50 flavor packs or 50 bottles, explained Fischer.

“We measure everything by hand using precision glassware, including all the flavor extracts, vegetable glycerine and nicotine juice.”

Some of the e-juices offered on Primevapor.com may use up to 30 different flavor extracts in order to create their distinct taste.

Once the juice is complete, the carts and bottles are then labeled, filled and packaged by hand.

Fischer loves to compare Prime Vapor products to artisanal cheese, because they both are more complex in their taste and variety.

“We believe we do offer the best on the market, and many of our customers think so too,” he noted beaming with pride.

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