What is Prime Vapor’s Philosophy?

smoking to e-cigarette transitions

smoking to e-cigarette transitions

PrimeVapor.com is small but fierce e-commerce business. As a leading name in the e-cigarette market, the owners have taken pride in helping smokers quit, aiding with smoking to e-cigarette transitions and keeping ex-smokers busy, since June of 2010.

“[My partner and I] were cigarette smokers. We smoked up to three packs a day between the two of us for a combined total of over sixty years,” explained President of Prime Vapor, Bill Fischer.

“In the 21st century this made us second class citizens. We couldn’t smoke in bars, restaurants, public places and even in our own homes! What we needed was a 21st century solution that would let us enjoy our pastime without offending anyone.”

That’s when they discovered electronic cigarettes.

The transition to e-cigs happened in one day. That’s when I knew that this product had tremendous potential,” he noted.

Fischer had a marketing background, while his partner possessed administrative and production management experience. Together, they wanted to take to the market and share their understanding of smoking to e-cigarette transitions.

“We always said that if we could find the perfect product, we would start out on our own,” he said.

“Well, e-cigs were that product. [They were] a product that we used, could completely relate too and [were] woefully underserved at the time.”

Although Fischer felt he needed to switch to vaping so that his experience in public would become more comfortable, he acknowledges that many people, despite the health risks and family pressures, don’t actually want to quit smoking.

“[Our customers] are forced into finding an alternative,” he explained.

“[Although] they are quite happy to continue to use our products as a risk management strategy.”

On the other hand, there are a portion of consumers that actually take quitting seriously.

“We offer them the step-down program of steadily decreasing nicotine levels in their favorite flavor,” Fischer explained.

“Once they get to zero nicotine, they are at a crossroads. Their body no longer craves nicotine, but smoking is much more complex than that. There [are]… psychological elements of smoking. However, these elements are fair easier to overcome once that nicotine monkey is off your back.”

Needless to say, Fischer is proud of just how far his online company has come. With a dedicated basement production lab and an in-house fulfillment center, his partnered business is flourishing in every way imaginable.

“I smoked for over forty years [and] although the first few days [vaping] were a bit weird, as my mind wrapped itself around the fact that I wasn’t actually smoking, my body was perfectly happy from the first puff,” he said.

“[There] was absolutely no discomfort or withdrawal symptoms at all!”

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