Choosing an E-Cig Starter Kit That is Right for You

e-cig starter kit

Although vaping is a relatively new industry, since it is driven by passion and innovation, vapers can already enjoy a plethora of options when it comes to e-cig and e-juice choices. While aficionados appreciate the extensive array of electronic devices and flavors available to them, the same abundance of possibilities can often leave newbies confused and overwhelmed. If you’re new to the vaping world and need help choosing an e-cig starter kit, this blog post will help you pick a suitable one.

Best E-Cig Starter Kit Choices for Smokers

If you are currently a smoker and are looking for the best e-cig starter kit to make the switch, you need you consider options that will provide you with not only an adequate level of nicotine but also a comparable experience to smoking. The best e-cigarette starter kit for you is one that is as easy as taking a cigarette out of the pack, lighting it up, and taking a puff.

The incredibly portable and practical Tobacco E-Cigarette Starter Kit, for instance, is an excellent choice since the cigalike device is as uncomplicated as it gets. Simply screw on the flavor cartridge to the battery, inhale, and you’re vaping! What’s more? Not only do the Rawhide Red Flavor Cartridges provide you with the nicotine strength that you need, but they also produce the robust tobacco aromas that you’ve become accustomed to, making the experience feel as close as possible to smoking while being much less harmful for you.

If you smoke menthol cigarettes and want to continue to relish the refreshingly minty flavors while satisfying your nicotine cravings, we recommend the Menthol E-Cigarette Starter Kit. The Freeport Flavor Cartridges beautifully reproduce both the flavor and throat hit of a real menthol cigarette, making them perfect for menthol lovers.

Best E-Cig Starter Kit for Ex-Smokers or Non-Smokers

If you are an ex-smoker who has conquered their addiction to nicotine or are a non-smoker looking to experience vaping, the ideal e-cig starter kit is one that will enable you to take advantage of the various flavor options available without the nicotine.

If you like the idea of holding a cigarette-like device, the Non-Nicotine E-Cigarette Starter Kit is an excellent choice for you. You can choose from a variety of exciting flavors. Love coffee? Then try our Caramel Macchiato for a gourmet experience that’ll soon become your go-to treat. Have a sweet tooth? Tantalize your taste buds with our fruity Melonberry option or indulge in the delectable Tiramisu flavors.

Are you a new vaper? Tell us what e-cigarette starter kit you chose to start your vaping experience in the comments section below.

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