If You Used to Smoke Menthols, You Will Love Prime Vapor’s Menthol E-Cig Flavors

menthol e-juice

menthol e-juice

If you are an ex-smoker who used to have an affinity for menthol cigarettes, you may find yourself missing those refreshingly minty flavors as you transition to e-cigarettes. The good news is that not only are there a multitude of menthol e-juice varieties to choose from, each one more delicious than the other, but many options are also available in high (36mg – 3.6%), medium (24mg – 2.4%), low (12mg – 1.2%), and even zero (0mg – 0.0%) nicotine levels, so you are sure to find an option that is right for you!


Our signature menthol e-juice is an excellent choice for those who used to smoke menthols regularly. It perfectly replicates both the flavor and throat hit of your favorite combustible cigarettes, delivering the perfect balance of earthy tobacco and menthol flavors in each puff. Regular menthol smokers will love savoring their go-to flavor, guilt-free since our e-cigs deliver the refreshing taste they crave without the numerous toxins present in cigarette smoke.

menthol e-juice Freeport

Triple Mint

If you’re looking for a robust, full-flavored menthol e-juice but prefer a milder tobacco flavor, get ready for this delectable concoction of menthol crystals, combined with peppermint and spearmint essences. This menthol e-cigarette is perfect for those seeking that explosion of mint flavors without the overpowering taste of tobacco. What are you waiting for? Try this minty trifecta today, and say goodbye to one-dimensional flavors.

menthol e-juice Triple Mint


For those who seek a refreshing blend of crisp menthol and subtle tobacco, we recommend SuperCool, a menthol e-juice combination that is both smooth and satisfying. Ideal for light menthol smokers, this formulation beautifully combines our most complex tobacco flavor, Triple Nickel Lights, and our award-winning menthol flavors to create a unique blend that ex-menthol smokers will revel in.

menthol e-juice SuperCool

Are you an ex-menthol smoker who has transitioned to e-cigs? Tell us which flavor helped you stay on track in the comments section below.

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