Why Do Ex-Smokers Prefer E-Cigarettes to Other Nicotine Replacement Options?

e-cigs to quit smoking

Rather than quitting cold turkey, many smokers turn to nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) to help them manage their withdrawal symptoms. However, although traditional options such as the nicotine patch, gum, and lozenges are still readily available on the market, an increasing number of smokers are opting for e-cigs to quit smoking. While all options deliver nicotine without any smoke, e-cigs are more appealing to smokers for a plethora of reasons.

Conventional NRTs help smokers cope with the physical withdrawal symptoms of quitting, which can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Ex-smokers can experience feelings of anxiety, depression, irritability, and restlessness and may notice increased sweating, problems falling or staying asleep, as well as nausea. To satisfy their body’s craving for nicotine, NRTs deliver the nicotine to their system in a safer way; gums and lozenges do so orally while the patch transdermally.

While e-cigs also provide the user with the nicotine their bodies have become accustomed to in a considerably less harmful way, through vapor rather than smoke, they also satisfy the psychological and social withdrawal symptoms, which, for some, can be an even more difficult hurdle to overcome.

Smokers are not only addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes; over the years, they learn to cherish and find comfort in the entire experience. They relish the smell of tobacco or menthol, the simple act of holding the cigarette, the way it feels to place it on their lips, the gratifying feeling of inhaling and exhaling, and the daily rituals they’ve developed. Many smokers start their day with a morning smoke, for instance, or look forward to spending time with their coworkers during their smoke-break.

Since e-cigs look and feel like traditional cigarettes, they create minimal disruptions in ex-smokers’ routines. E-cigs mimic the act of smoking as users can enjoy the same hand-to-mouth action as with cigarettes. They can savor taking an inhale, holding the vapor in, and exhaling, just as they would with regular cigarettes. They can continue to partake in their habits and social rituals as e-cigarettes are just as portable as cigarettes. What’s more? E-cigarettes come in a multitude of tastes, including tobacco and menthol flavors, which can help smokers continue to enjoy the aromas they’ve become used to.

Have you used e-cigs to quit smoking? Tell us why you prefer this NRT to others in the comments section below.

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