Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Vapers

valentine's day gift ideas for vapers

valentine's day gift ideas for vapers

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and predictably so, store displays are saturated with teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, and roses, lots of roses! While we admit those are nice gifts, if your sweetheart is a vaping enthusiast, we have an inkling that they may prefer something a little more suited to their passion rather than the traditional presents. Here are four thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for vapers.

Vapor Juice Starter Kit

Most new vapers begin their vaping experience with starter kits that use cartridges because of their unbeatable simplicity and practicality. If that is the case with your significant other, allow them to transition to the more advanced world of tanks and juice by surprising them with a Vapor Juice Starter Kit. Not only will they be amazed at the more pronounced flavors that the tank delivers, but they will also love the thick, dense vapors it produces.


Trust us when we say that you can never go wrong with giving a vaper e-juice. Whether your partner prefers to use cartridges or vapor juice, there are a multitude of choices of flavors that will make their day. While gifting them their favorite is always a great idea, you can also choose flavors that evoke romance to stay with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, such as succulent cherries and decadent chocolate.


Other than running out of e-juice, there is nothing more frustrating for a fellow vaper than to realize that their battery is dead, which is why we always recommend carrying an extra fully-charged battery on you. We’ve got a variety of batteries to choose from, including the powerful iStick 30W E-Cigarette Battery that is designed for use with both flavor cartridges and tanks.


There is a plethora of accessories to choose from, from the E-Cigarette 12VDC Mini Cigarette Lighter Adapter to ensure that your partner can always charge their batteries even when on the move, to the handy Prime E-Cigarette Case that can store all the essentials. Choose a few of the e-cigarette accessories that you think they will like best and wrap them in a beautiful Valentine’s Day-themed gift box.

We hope you found out Valentine’s Day gift ideas for vapers helpful! Tell us what you plan on gifting the vaping aficionado in your life in the comments section below.


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