Must-Watch Vaping Documentaries

vaping documentaries

vaping documentaries

As vaping increases in popularity around the world, documentary makers are taking an interest in the contentious, highly-debated topic. So, we recommend that you take a much-needed break from your Netflix marathons and check out these three must-see vaping documentaries that are as eye-opening as they are educational.

Trust Me I’m a Doctor – Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

If you are looking to transition from combustible cigarettes to e-cigs or are new to vaping, Trust Me I’m a Doctor – Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? is an excellent vaping documentary to start with. Although some of the e-cig regulations-related information has evolved since its release, the documentary is jam-packed with information that answers many of the questions new vapers have.

In less than six minutes, Medical Journalist, Michael Mosley, articulately explains how e-cigarettes function and the difference between a traditional cigarette and its electronic counterpart. He zones in on nicotine and explores the benefits and drawbacks of electronic delivery of the substance. In this short BBC documentary, in addition to conducting his own small-scale research comparing the saliva, urine, and breath of smokers and vapers, Dr. Mosley also interviews Professor Peter Hyatt, Director of the Tobacco Research Unit at the Queen Mary University of London.

Thank You for Vaping

Here’s another fantastic documentary about e-cigs. Unbiased, Thank You for Vaping offers a look at both sides of the debate, presenting the views of vapers, as well as the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries, who have traditionally opposed the movement from combustible to electronic for various reasons. Again, some of the information is dated since the world of vaping is never constant. Nevertheless, it is one the vaping documentaries that aficionados are sure to love watching since it even delves into the culture of vaping, exploring why we do it, beyond the health benefits.

A Billion Lives

We’ve saved the best for last. Released in 2016, A Billion Lives is a compelling and infuriating documentary film that examines the history of smoking and highlights the dangers of the deadly habit. Its bold message, “A billion people projected to die. You’ll be surprised who’s keeping it that way” justly and unforgivingly points the finger at corrupt governments, health officials, and pharmaceutical companies for their role in banning safer nicotine delivery options despite the fact that the projected number of people who will die prematurely this century due to smoking is appalling. A definite must-watch for vapers.

What other must-see vaping documentaries do you recommend? Tell us in the comments section below.

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