Flavor Cartridges and Vape Juice: How to Choose the Correct Nicotine Strength

how to choose the correct nicotine strength

how to choose the correct nicotine strength

An increasing number of smokers are switching from the combustible cigarette to its electronic counterpart. With e-cigs, instead of inhaling smoke, which contains a gamut of noxious chemicals such as carbon monoxide and tar, you inhale nicotine through a vapor. To successfully transition, however, you have to ensure that you vape a nicotine level that will help you manage your cravings effectively. Choosing a flavor cartridge or vapor juice with a lower nicotine content than your body is used to will not assuage your physical withdrawal symptoms, causing you to vape more, or more often, than you need to. With a lower concentration, you also run the risk of reverting to traditional cigarettes to compensate for the nicotine that your body craves. Here are some tips on how to choose the correct nicotine strength for you.

36mg Nicotine Strength (Max – 3.6%)

If you are a heavy smoker who consumes about 15 to 25 cigarettes (or more) per day, you will need the highest nicotine strength available, 36mg, to start your transition since your body has become accustomed to a high amount of nicotine.

We recommend our Rawhide Red, which delivers the strength you need as well as the aroma you’re accustomed to. If you used to smoke menthols, you will love Freeport, our signature menthol flavor. Both are available in convenient flavor cartridges, perfect for new vapers.

Here is what some of our customers had to say about these flavors:

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 David W.

“I’ve been vaping for several years. Rawhide Red has been my choice vape all along. As a former tobacco smoker, this product helped me quit tobacco for good. To be honest, I’ve had no ill effects (health wise). Prime Vapor is a quality company with a quality product.”

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 Sharon D W.

“For menthol smokers, Freeport is a definite go to…….so far the best menthol out there! Nice and smooth, no bite! Just enough to satisfy.”

24mg Nicotine Strength (Med – 2.4%)

If you smoke around seven to 15 cigarettes per day, your body doesn’t require as high levels of nicotine as the 36mg, so it’s best to refrain from starting with such a strong concentration. The 24mg will provide you with an adequate level of the substance to keep your cravings at bay.  

While you can still vape tobacco and menthol flavors to keep change to a minimum, you can experiment with other flavors such as the delectable Cherry Tobacco or Morning Blend, which still provide you with that familiar tobacco flavor, but with something extra that adds to the experience. Be sure to check out our range of tasty flavors in medium strength to find your favorite.

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 Pete Echevarria

“Superb product. Cherry tobacco e-cigarette is my type of vaping. Very smooth and satisfying. Favorable comments reference its aroma.”

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 By Lauri H.

“My favorite! Morning Blend is very smooth, great flavor and always consistent. I get them in medium strength.”

12mg Nicotine Strength (Min – 1.2%)

If you are a light smoker, using about one to seven cigarettes a day, the 12mg option will be sufficient for you. Anything higher than this may result in lightheadedness or discomfort, which may compromise your efforts to switch.

You don’t have to limit yourself to tobacco and menthol flavors. Give one of our other delicious flavors a try. Who know, maybe Caramel Macchiato will be your new favorite!

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 By Barry B.

“I love these. To me has perfect balance of nuttiness and raspberryish dark chocolate with just hint of sweetness and a silky mouth feel. My favorite offering by far. This is coming from a former American Spirit Yellow smoker. Awesome.”

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 By CHERYL S.
“My favorite flavor yet. Smooth coffee, caramel and an undertone of vanilla. I will order this flavor again.”

0mg (Zero Nicotine)

This level is only recommended once you have gradually reduced, then eliminated, your need for nicotine. With 0mg, you can continue to partake in the social and psychological rituals of “smoking” without any of the nicotine or smoke.

Feel free to experiment with the whole range of flavors, such as the fruitilicious Melon Merry, available in flavor cartridges and vapor juice options to add variety to your vaping experience. You’ll love it so much, it’ll have you requesting more fruity flavors!

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 By Leeann C.

“This one is GREAT!! My husband and I both love this flavor. We get it in Zero nicotine. Can we get more fruity flavors in Zero nicotine please??”

how to choose the correct nicotine strength2 Josie Moore

“I love this flavor and will purchase it again. I also love the fact that it comes in zero nicotine. It is truly excellent and will be one of my favorites.”

Are you a smoker who has successfully switched to vaping? How did you figure out how to choose the correct nicotine strength for you when you first started? Tell us in the comments below!

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