How E-Cigarettes Can Help You Quit Smoking in 2018

quit smoking with e-cigarettes

quit smoking with e-cigarettes

The start of a new year is an excellent time to resolve to quit smoking, so let 2018 be the year that you are finally smoke-free. Last week, we discussed various nicotine replacement therapies, including the use of e-cigarettes to assist you in attaining your smoking cessation objectives. In today’s blog post, we will share four concrete steps that you can take to help you quit smoking with e-cigarettes.

Step 1: Pick a Date

A crucial step once you have decided to quit is to pick a date. Mark it on your calendar; it will psychologically establish your commitment. Take it a step further and share your goals with your family and friends. Prior to the date, dispose of all your combustible cigarettes.

Step 2: Purchase an E-Cig Starter Kit

While there is a wide assortment of choices, we recommend starting out with an E-Cigarette Starter Kit, such as the Tobacco E-Cigarette Starter Kit or Menthol E-Cigarette Starter Kit, for three main reasons.

To start, they look and feel like traditional cigarettes. Not only do they provide you with the nicotine that your body craves without the multitude of toxins, but they also mimic the action of smoking, allowing you to bring the device to your mouth, inhale, and exhale. That familiar hand-to-mouth action, coupled with the tobacco or menthol taste and aroma that you’re accustomed to, can help greatly with the psychological aspects of quitting.

Secondly, they are incredibly easy to use. Instead of taking out your cigarette and lighting it, just twist the flavor cartridge onto the Classic E-cigarette Battery, and you’re ready for a puff. The simplicity of it all can ensure that you remain on track.

Lastly, they are portable, which means that you can carry them with you, just like you would combustible cigarettes. If your smoker friends are heading out for a smoke break, you can indulge in the social ritual without feeling tempted to smoke.

Step 3: Order Refills Ahead of Time

Our starter packs come with everything you need to get started, including one flavor pack of five cartridges, pre-filled with our exclusive US-made, VG-based premium vapor juice, which can last as long as a 3/4 pack of cigarettes. However, to avoid finding yourself in a situation where you’ve run out of flavor cartridges, always order your refills ahead of time. Ordering larger quantities will also allow you to take advantage of quantity discounts. Win-win!

Step 4: Always Have an Extra, Fully-Charged Battery on Hand

Our E-Cigarette Starter Kits come with two Classic E-Cigarette Batteries and one USB Charger and AC Adapter, so right away, get into the habit of keeping one fully charged at all times. If you are always on the run, consider purchasing a practical Cigarette Lighter Adapter for your car.

Have you decided to quit smoking with e-cigarettes this year? Tell us whether you will be following our four easy steps in the comments section below!


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