UK Study: No Evidence of Vaping Acting as a Gateway to Smoking for Teens

UK Study: No Evidence of Vaping Acting as a Gateway to Smoking for Teens

UK Study: No Evidence of Vaping Acting as a Gateway to Smoking for Teens

It’s ‘Stoptober’ in the UK, and for the first time since its launch, the government-backed anti-smoking campaign, which aims to persuade smokers to give up the deadly habit, is endorsing vaping as an effective smoking cessation tool. While the long-term effects of electronic cigarettes are still being examined, multiple large-scale studies have concluded that vaping is a safer nicotine delivery system than combustible cigarettes and that e-cigarettes are not a gateway to smoking. A recent study by Public Health England, focused on the use of e-cigarettes among teens, has revealed that there is no evidence that experimentation with e-cigarettes leads to smoking.

According to the data, only three percent of the 60,000 teens surveyed used e-cigarettes at least once a week, and most them already smoked combustible cigarettes. The study revealed that among teenagers who have never smoked traditional cigarettes, regular e-cig use is as low as 0.1 percent.

Statistics such as these have helped transform the legislative climate surrounding vaping, providing governments the incentive to embrace e-cigarettes to help smokers of all ages transition to a safer nicotine delivery option.

According to Professor John Newton, Director of Health Improvement at PHE, “e-cigarettes are now the most popular way to quit in the country with half of all those taking part in Stoptober last year using an e-cigarette. The evidence is clear – vaping is much less harmful than smoking, a fraction of the risk.”

Unlike cigarettes, which burn tobacco to release nicotine, e-cigs heat the nicotine-laced e-juice to generate vapor, which is less harmful than smoke. Not only does vaping allow ex-smokers to get the nicotine they need to keep their cravings at bay, but it also provides them with tobacco-flavored vape juice to provide them with a similar experience that they’re used to. Once vapers feel that they are ready for a lower dose, they can adjust their nicotine strength accordingly, and they can even vape nicotine-free when they are ready.

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