Tips to Create Big Vapor Clouds

cloud chasing tips

Tips to Create Big Vapor Clouds

So, you’ve been vaping for a while and are now ready to start creating some sizable, envy-worthy clouds? Even if rebuilding mods isn’t your jam, you can produce beautiful, billowing clouds with these simple recreational cloud chasing tips.

Upgrade Your Battery

Most vapers, especially ex-smokers switching from smoking to vaping, start out with the portable and practical classic e-cigarette. Paired with one of our convenient and hassle-free flavor cartridges, it is easy to use and its resemblance to a traditional cigarette makes it inconspicuous and ideal for vaping in public. If you want to get serious about blowing thick plumes of vapor while still using flavor cartridges, an upgrade to the EVOD 808 E-Cigarette Battery will allow you to do just that!

If you’re ready to make a switch to vape juice, then check out our High-Performance Vape Juice Starter Kit featuring the latest in vaping technology, the iStick 30W Battery, a powerful 2200mAh beast. Its revolutionary voltage and wattage control system lets you set the power that drives your vape just the way you want, making it ideal for recreational cloud chasing.

Perfect Your Airflow

The more the airflow, the better the cloud production, right? Although that does sound pretty straightforward, too much airflow can result in a diluting effect, reducing the density of your clouds. The trick to produce luscious clouds is to work on your inhale-exhale technique so that you have sufficient airflow on a deep lung drag to keep your coils cooled and prevent overheating. Perfecting the airflow takes time and a lot of practice, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t achieve the result that you want right away. It can take months for cloud chasers to see significant improvements in their technique.

Are you a recreational cloud chaser? Share your cloud chasing tips in the comments section below!

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