How to Recycle E-Cigarettes

How to Recycle E-Cigarettes

How to Recycle E-Cigarettes

As vaping increases in popularity so does the importance of safely and ecologically disposing of e-cigarettes. The vaping industry can’t in good conscience tout the benefits of e-cigarettes over combustible cigarettes without addressing the issue of recycling the device and its components.

The Anatomy of an E-Cigarette

Before we explain how you can recycle e-cigarettes, it’s important to understand the components that make up an e-cig. While there is a myriad of different types of vaping devices, the typical e-cigarette has the following elements: the mouthpiece (or tip), the tank (or cartridge), the atomizer, and the battery.

The mouthpiece is the part where the vaper places their lips to draw vapor while the tank is where the e-liquid or vape juice is stored; the liquid may contain varying levels of nicotine or be entirely nicotine free. Cartridges also contain a polyfill material that functions like a wick to draw the liquid. The atomizer is comprised of a heating coil which vaporizes the vape juice soaked up by the wick.

Recycling the Mouthpiece

Some e-cigarettes have detachable mouthpieces, which are usually made of plastic. If you are ready to discard of yours, simply unscrew the tip from the rest of the e-cig, give it a good rinse, and place it in your regular plastic recycling box.

Recycling the Tank or Cartridge

When you have exhausted the e-liquid in the reservoir, open the cartridge or tank and take out the polyfill material. Wash both the container and the wick thoroughly under running water to remove any remnants of nicotine, which can pose a threat to children or animals. Wrap the polyfill in a biodegradable material and discard of it in the trash as this part is unfortunately non-recyclable. Depending on the material of the tank, recycle the container as you would glass or plastic.

Recycling the Atomizer

Since atomizers, including the heating element, are usually made of metal, carefully take it apart and place the components in the metal recycling bin closest to you.

Recycling the Battery

E-cigarette batteries are easy to recycle since they are considered electronic waste. Take them to your local electronic recycling kiosk or find out what other options are available in your area by visiting the Call2Recycle website.

Do you recycle your e-cig components? Share your e-cigarette recycling tips and tricks with us by commenting below or by tweeting us @PrimeVapor.

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