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The media has recently been flooded with many statements about the recent FDA ruling and its impact on electronic cigarettes.

These FDA regulations are overreaching, costly, and place an enormous burden on an industry made up of tens of thousands of independent retailers. The regulations hamper innovation, ignore science and research data, and in their current form will prove hazardous to all of us who rely on this beloved alternative to combustible tobacco.

We believe in freedom of choice, we believe in fair and reasonable regulations to protect consumers and the public health, and we believe in this lifesaving technology that provides millions with an alternative to lethal combustible tobacco products. The current regulatory framework introduced by the FDA will eliminate 99% of all e-liquid, 99% of all hardware. All of the rapid innovations that we have experienced in recent years along with the potential for increased public good that these technologies can provide to society will be stopped.

PrimeVapor has always been committed to offering products that are made with the consumer in mind. We are members of many e-cigarette industry groups and closely monitor all the news and information related to electronic cigarettes. (Follow @primevapor for our curated source of e-cigarette news). We feel at this time there will not be any instant change to the status of our products. There is already legislation pending in the US House of Representatives that will limit the FDA’s power to enforce the draconian regulations put forth recently. There are also a number of lawsuits already filed to force the FDA to reconsider its position.

Regulation of some kind is inevitable for our industry. With that in mind, PrimeVapor has worked with its suppliers from the beginning to use the best practices found in segments like the pharmaceutical industry to model our processes and procedures.

We will continue to offer the very best in electronic cigarettes supplies and equipment. We will continue to make the very best flavors on the market using all natural vegetable glycerin and FDA approved flavor extracts to offer our customers the ultimate alternative to smoking.

We look forward to being of service to you in the future.


William (Bill) Fischer, President


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  1. Yes, I read about FDA ruling in a newspaper. You are caring about your customer health.It is showing in your blog.

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