What is in PrimeVapor flavors?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about some of the substances found in electronic cigarette vapor formulas. In particular, the presence of diacetyl in these formulas has been studied and found to be potentially harmful.

We would like to take this time to state that PrimeVapor Flavors do not contain diacetyl.

There are three compounds in all of our nicotine e-cigarette flavors:

  • Vegetable Glycerin: An FDA approved food additive, when Vegetable Glycerin is heated it produces the vapor that looks and feels like “smoke”. There are some manufacturers that use the hydrocarbon based Propelyne Glycol, but it is our opinion that Vegetable Glycerin not only all natural, but provides the best vapor production.
  • FDA approved flavor extracts: This is what we blend to make the flavor you enjoy. This is also where any concerns about questionable chemicals are found. We have tested our flavor extracts for the presence of diacetyl and other compounds of concern to make sure that they do not appear in our products.
  • Nicotine in a vegetable glycerin suspension: This is what you want to completely simulate the experience of smoking a burning tobacco cigarette. PrimeVapor only uses the purest US made nicotine.
  • There are also many of our flavors available in Zero Nicotine formulations.

PrimeVapor manufactures all it’s vapor products in the United States under strict laboratory conditions. This not only assures consistent results but allows us to completely control the flavors that are exclusive to PrimeVapor.

PrimeVapor closely monitors all developments in the world of electronic cigarettes. Follow us on twitter @primevapor.

We want to wish all of our friends a safe and happy holiday season!

2 thoughts on “What is in PrimeVapor flavors?

  1. I am hoping you could assist me with the strongest menthol flavor you have. Been smoking Doral, and changed to 305s just because it was cheaper. My husband however, smokes non-menthol; but he wouldn’t mind trying something with a little stronger flavor. Could use suggest something for us both?.It would be greatly appreciated!!!
    Belinda Servia

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