What E-Cigarette Starter Kit is right for me?

PrimeVapor is proud to offer everything you need to start enjoying the freedom from tobacco that electronic cigarettes offer. We have created special kits that are just right for the new vaper or the experienced user looking to up grade. With all these offerings, which one is right for you?

Deluxe / Tobacco / Menthol Kit

Tobacco Starter Kit

Are you currently smoking a regular tobacco cigarette? Here is an exact replacement to get you started with e-cigarettes. With easy to use disposable flavor cartridges, it features our Rawhide Red flavor in high nicotine strength, two batteries, a battery charger and AC adapter. One click ordering for the quickest way to begin vaping with no cravings.

Menthol Starter Kit

Are you a menthol smoker? This kit gives you everything in the Tobacco Starter Kit, but uses our most popular menthol flavor, Freeport in high nicotine strength.

Deluxe Starter Kit

Would you like to try any of our exclusive, US made e-cigarette flavors?  Maybe you would like The Deluxe Starter Kit. This package gives you the same two batteries, charger and AC Adapter, but allows you to choose which of our 20 different flavors at any of the strengths we offer to be included in your kit.

Couples Starter Kit

Couples Starter Kit

Want to start enjoying that vaping experience with a friend or significant other? The couples kit gives you the Deluxe Kit times two with a special package price. Choose any flavor and strength you want.

High Performance 808 Kit

High Performance 808 Kit

A performance upgrade for Flavor Cartridge users. So you love your Flavor Cartridges but want to get a little more oomph out of them. This kit will do it for you. Our EVOD 808 battery not only lasts longer but fires hotter than our Classic E-Cigarette battery. You will get a bigger hit with more vapor and more flavor.

The EVOD 808 battery also utilizes our exclusive Smart Charge feature. The color of the LED tells you how much battery life is left so you never get surprised with a dead battery.

This kit contains everything you need to take your Flavor Cartridge vaping to the next level – two EVOD 808 batteries, one nose cone, one charger and a five pack of Flavor Cartridges in your choice of flavor. The High Performance 808 Kit is available with either black or silver batteries and nose cone.

Vapor Juice Kit

Vapor Juice Starter Kit

Whether you are new to PrimeVapor or a long time Flavor Cartridge user this kit provides you with everything you need to break into the more advanced vaping world of tanks and juice – two EVOD batteries, one charger, one Clearomizer and one 18ml bottle of our premium Vapor Juice in your choice of flavor. The Vapor Juice Starter Kit is available with either black or silver batteries and tank.

Flavor Cartridges are great because they are clean and easy to use, but tanks and juice provide you with more vapor and better flavor. Unlike a cart, the tank also allows you to see how much juice is left.

The long lasting EVOD batteries included in this kit are 650mAh and utilize our exclusive Smart Charge feature. The color of the LED tells you how much battery life is left so you never get surprised with a dead battery. The EVOD 2 Clearomizer has a dual coil atomizer and pyrex tank to provide a clean flavor profile with tons of vapor production.

VIP Vapor Juice Kit

VIP UltraVapor Juice Kit

The absolute best vaping technology on the planet. So you’ve been around the block. You know the value of variable voltage used in tandem with a tank and premium e-liquid. You’ve tried the rest now fall in love with the best.

The R&D team at PrimeVapor has tested hundreds of tanks, clearomizers and batteries. You name it we’ve tested it. The EGO-VV Ultra is the most feature rich battery we have ever tried – variable voltage and wattage, LCD display, battery life indicator, identifies the resistance of the tank attached, doubles as a passthru and more (see details for the full list).

The Oniyo Vapor Tank is the undisputed champion of our testing. The pyrex tank and clean burning ceramic atomizer provide the cleanest flavor profile possible. The Oniyo also features adjustable air flow. This allows you to adjust the strength of the throat hit. Crank it wide open and feel the burn.

Put an Oniyo Vapor Tank on top of an EGO-VV Ultra and you have total control over voltage, wattage and airflow allowing you to optimize your vaping experience to your own specific tastes. Combine that with our selection of Premium Vapor Juice and you have the best electronic cigarette setup available.

The VIP Ultra Performance Kit contains one Ego-VV Ultra battery, charging cable, one prime case, one EGO-VV Ultra Lanyard, one Oniyo Vapor Tank with extra ceramic atomizer and one 18ml bottle of our premium Vapor Juice in your choice of flavor. It is available with either black or silver battery, tank and case.

There you have it. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, PrimeVapor has a kit at a great package price just for you!


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  1. Great list of starter kits here. I like the idea of a couples’ kit – I know it’s just two cigarettes, but the idea of a couple starting together is kind of fun.

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