Which E-Cigarette Starter Kit is right for me?

PrimeVapor has changed some of its Starter Kit Offerings, so we would like to post this revised version.

E-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking that provides everything you have come to enjoy about cigarettes without the 4,000 or so nasty chemical byproducts (including at least 50 known carcinogens) found in tobacco smoke. No more smell, no more mess, just a rich, luxuriant vapor that looks, feels and tastes like smoke. PrimeVapor‘s exclusive US made flavors are made up of US origin vegetable glycerin (what makes the vapor), food grade flavor extracts from all over the world (which makes the taste) and your choice of just the right amount of nicotine so that you can make the change without any discomfort.

PrimeVapor offers E-Cigarette Starter Kits that combine everything you need to begin enjoying vapor cigarettes with your choice of our unique flavors. We have a variety of kits available.

Which one is right for you?

Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kit

This is our most popular kit. It contains two e-cigarette batteries, a USB Charger, an AC Adapter for the USB Charger and five of your choice of our exclusive Flavor Cartridges. This kit will let you have one battery in use and one in the charger so you can never be without a charged battery ready. This kit uses our patented Chameleon battery with SmartCharge LED display which lets you know that status of your battery charge every time you use it. The white Chameleon battery with a Flavor Cartridge looks like a tobacco cigarette. The weight and texture of this combination feels like a cigarette, too. Since it uses a micro-switch controlled automatic activation, you only have to inhale to start producing vapor. Acts like, feels like and works like a regular cigarette.

If you want a total package to begin using electronic cigarettes that feels like a traditional cigarette at a special package price, then the Deluxe Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is your best choice. Before making your choice, we recommend reading our FAQ on choosing the strength of your Flavor Cartridges.

Saturn E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Ready for a high performance electronic cigarette experience? This kit comes with the most powerful battery we offer, the Saturn 808. This brute has a whopping 4.8 volt energy boost with a long lasting 650mAh charge cycle. What does that mean? The most voltage applied to your Flavor Cartridges for clouds of vapor and true 8 hour endurance for an all day experience. This  battery has the original SmartCharge LED display showing just how much life you have left in the battery every time you press the button. The manual pushbutton operation tells you exactly when the battery begins heating the Flavor Cartridge. Many people prefer manual operation because it allows them to pre-heat the Flavor Cartridge before taking that first draw.

The Saturn E-Cigarette Kit comes in Black Matte Rubberized Finish or the sleek and stylish Stainless Steel look. Either way, this kit is for someone who wants the ultimate vapor cigarette experience and likes the high tech look of this powerful system. Buying the kit will save you over 20% over purchasing the components individually. Before making your choice, we recommend reading our FAQ on choosing the strength of your Flavor Cartridges.

There you go. PrimeVapor’s complete selection of e-cigarette kits are designed to give anyone the right package to get on the road to freedom from tobacco.

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