Satisfy Your E-Cigarette Resupply and Save Big!

We are pleased to announce that all our exclusive flavors are back in stock. We have had some temporary shortages that might have caused your favorite flavor to be unavailable for a time. The drought is over!Satisfy Your Resupply 160x300

To thank our customers for their patience, we are running the Satisfy Your Resupply promotion. Load up you shopping cart with your favorite e-cigarette flavors, electronic cigarette starter kits and accessories. When you checkout, just put in the redemption code RESTOCK and all your merchandise will be discounted by 15%.  Buy $100 or more and we will throw in a FREE Carrying Case, too. To learn more, just click here.

You might ask “How come you guys ran out in the first place?” Well, that is a fair question deserving an answer. PrimeVapor takes quality control very seriously. This resulted in a recent shipment of the empty flavor cartridges to be rejected. PrimeVapor is unique in that we purchase the cartridges empty and then fill them with our proprietary e-liquid right here in the United States. Our laboratory is ISO9001 certified and uses the  Good Manufacturing Practice the same as the big pharmaceutical companies adhere to. However, as great as this facility is, if there are no cartridges to fill, then there are no finished cartridges to deliver.

Thanks once again for your patience and thanks for choosing PrimeVapor

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