Spending time with the Saturn E-Cigarette System

I have been exclusively vaping with the Saturn for a couple of months now. I have to say that this is the best e-cigarette system we have ever offered. Don’t get me wrong, I like all the vapor cigarettes we offer, but this one has earned a special place in my heart.

Saturn Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit - BLACKThis manual battery has the highest voltage and longest duration of any we offer. The Saturn Electronic Cigarette hits your Flavor Cartridges at about 4.5VDC. Not only that,it has a 650mAh rating.  

What do all those numbers mean? This thing vapes a ton and lasts forever. One charge is good for about a cartridge and a half.

I also like the feel of this battery. I am partial to the Black Matte finish which has a sort of hefty rubberized feel. Nice positive click on the manual battery which lets you pre-heat your vape on the way to your mouth so that when you inhale, you really get rich, robust vapor.

Of course, what really makes this system special is our exclusive SmartCharge LED indicators. Saturn SmartchargeHow many times have you wondered how much charge is left in your e-cigarette battery as you are walking out the door? Now, with SmartCharge you never have to guess. The  LED shows you just how much charge you have.

One thing that we probably don’t do a good enough job of explaining is the Pocket Safety feature of SmartCharge. By pressing the activation button rapidly five times you can switch between the safety mode and the active mode. This prevents accidental activation while in your pocket or purse. It also doubles as a LED flashlight too.

The Flashlight feature really proved itself the other day. I was down in the basement when a breaker tripped. There I was in total darkness.  Five clicks on my Saturn E-Cigarette and I was at the breaker box in no time.

Check out the Saturn Electronic Cigarette Kits today. Saturn Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit - SILVERHere is a stylish accessory that really delivers. Don’t forget it comes in a Stainless Steel version, too.

The Saturn E-Cigarette Starter Kit comes complete with everything needed to use this great system.

One thought on “Spending time with the Saturn E-Cigarette System

  1. Could you please put up more images of this battery showing the thread? It seems to be the only part of this device there isn’t a picture of.

    I’d also like to see more stats on this battery. How many hours does it run for on average? How long to charge?

    Sorry about all the questions!

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