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I purchased 2 EVOD 650mAh because the Classic E-Cigarette Battery - Automatic were out of stock. The instruction page says to press the button 5 times to activate the battery. The ring around the button is suppose to flash three times to show the battery is on. It never does on either one of them. I thought maybe they needed to be charged but got the same results. They just don't work. Is there another step that needed to be done that isn't mentioned in the instructions?

In: Product Instructions Posted: 2017-04-10 18:07

Can you please tell me if the Vegetable Glycerin that you use for your vapor juices contains soy. Thank you

In: Vapor Juice and Accessories Posted: 2017-05-17 03:15

What is the voltage requirement for the Evod2?

In: Common Questions Posted: 2017-08-19 20:25

I'm not new to the Prime Vapor E-cigs, however I am to the EVOD 808, I've had it for a couple of weeks and no matter what I do I can't seem to get it to work, am I missing something?

In: First Timers Posted: 2017-11-16 18:44

I just bought a Delta9 vape Battery, as well as two Bloom Vape Cartridges. Although one cartridge works, the other does not. I have watched videos online, and the center pin is not the issue. I am currently looking for a breakdown of the cartridge and repairs. The cartridge is not leaking and is full. Between the working one and the other, non-working, one, i cannot readily recognize a difference. I am considering removing the metal center inside the white silicon insulation. If i proceed, what should i be concerned about? I imagine there to be wires inside that need to make a connection to the center metallic pin. Thank you for your time, Darren

In: First Timers Posted: 2017-12-12 08:13

Why are all your juices sold out for so long? Are you going out of business?

In: Vapor Juice and Accessories Posted: 2019-03-24 04:46

Are you getting rid of flavored cartridges because of the FDA bullsphit? I see most are out of stock. Thanks, Ben

In: Common Questions Posted: 2019-04-17 00:42