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My Electronic Cigarette Seems to be Drawing Harder. What Should I Do?

Over time, you may find that your two part electronic cigarette system is beginning to draw a bit harder. One of the unique features of the PrimeVapor Electronic Cigarette System is that you can clean the battery (or KR808D).

Cleaning is Simple. You will need rubbing alcohol, Q-tips, and a large sewing needle.

    1. Dip the Q-tip in the rubbing alcohol and around the threads at the end of the battery.
    2. Wipe the Q-tip around the threads at the end of the battery.
    3. Wipe the Q-tip around the top of the battery.
    4. CAREFULLY take the needle and insert it in the air holes located on the sides of the battery's thread. (There are two (for automatic batteries) or three (for manual batteries) air intake points.
      5. Allow the remaining alcohol to fully evaporate before using.
Air Intake
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2013-04-10 22:21