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Why should I buy the PrimeVapor Electronic Cigarette?

PrimeVapor offers a unique solution for electronic cigarettes. We have done the research so you don’t have to.

There are many people selling all kinds of electronic cigarettes out there. We have tried just about all of them. What we found was that many offerings were lacking in a number of areas. We tried to find a solution that covered the weaknesses in the other offering.


What were the weaknesses?

Dripping E-CigaretteFirst, was the hassle of using many of the devices. Many electronic cigarette systems required that you carry the battery and a bottle of liquid. When you wanted to use the device, you would drip a bit of the liquid into a little chamber and then inhale.

The PrimeVapor electronic cigarette uses a simple two part system that consists of a battery and a flavor cartridge. You simply screw on the flavor cartridge to the battery and you're in business. PrimeVapor electronic cigarettes are based of the popular Kanger KR808D battery, widely considered to be the best battery on the market.

Secondly, there was the lack of vapor. We found that many suppliers use propylene glycol as the substance that actually makes the vapor. We found a better vapor agent, vegetable glycerin. Vegetable Glycerin is a natural compound used in the manufacture of many food products. When heated, it produces more vapor than the other compounds used.


Electronic cigarettes are designed to do two things for an ex-smoker. First is to simulate the experience of smoking as closely as possible to inhaling a lit tobacco cigarette (an “analog”). The second is to deliver a bit of nicotine. The more vapor, the better the experience. The more vapor, the better the “throat hit”.


Finally, we found that while many user of electronic cigarettes stayed with traditional flavors of straight tobacco or menthol, we found that the world of “vaping” allowed for the introduction of many other flavors. Who would have thought that a dyed-in-the-wool menthol smoker would find that PrimeVapor's Cinnamon Apple Crumble was my favorite flavor?

PrimeVapor E-Cigarettes has developed some great new flavors and re-engineered some of the old favorites. We have some of the standards like Rawhide Red, a sort of cowboy taste and Freeport, a menthol taste that will feel very familiar.


But we also have flavors like PrimeVapor's Morning Blend. Here is a description of Morning Blend:

Morning Blend Electronic Cigarette Flavor CartridgesMorning Blend is a mixture of tobacco, coffee and chocolate. It’s smooth, rich and bursting with taste sensations. There’s a complex interplay between the powerful flavors of tobacco and coffee. We add a touch of honey to provide just enough sweetness without becoming overbearing. Morning Blend provides a tremendous amount of flavor but manages to keep it smooth and creamy.


This flavor was created for the personal use of PrimeVapor’s BrewMaster, but people enjoyed it so much we had to make it available to everyone. When you vape Morning Blend you become a mobile air freshener. Non-smokers as well as Non-vapers are always commenting on how good it makes the room smell. It was designed to be the perfect morning vape, but we think you’ll enjoy it all day long.


How about that?


These Flavor Cartridges are only available from PrimeVapor.


All PrimeVapor Flavor Cartridges are compatible with the KR-808D Batteries.

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