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How long does an e-cigarette flavor cartridge last?

First we must make clear that "your mileage may vary". There are many factors that contribute to the longevity of a flavor cartridge. How often you inhale, how deep you inhale and so on.


The fact is that while electronic cigarettes are designed to be an alternative to smoking tobacco, the experience is completely different. This makes it difficult to do a heads up comparison between tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.


Of course, we also find that many of our customers can use their electronic cigarettes in places where tobacco smoking is prohibited. We can attest to people using them in restaurants, bars, in the supermarket, at the airport and even at their place of work. So the opportunities for using your electronic cigarette are much higher.


E-Cigarette Cartridge Strength
After it is all said and done, PrimeVapor believes that each of our exclusive PrimeVapor Flavor Cartridges are approximately equal to 3/4ths of a pack of cigarettes.
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2013-04-19 22:07