What is all the excitement about Vapor Juice?

We have been promising everyone that we would introduce our exclusive Flavors in an e-liquid form. Getting in just under the wire for January, we are pleased to announce the newest additions to the PrimeVapor family.

PV-Bottle-200x352We now offer a selection of our best sellers as Vapor Juice. That’s right, those flavors with the great taste, smooth vapor and great throat hit can now be used with tanks and clearomizers. Vapor Juice e-liquid can also be used to fill your own carts!

Our Vapor Juice is made with the same US Origin Vegetable Glycerin and is processed in our brand new facility. This facility is ISO9002 certified and operates under the Good Manufacturing Practices just like the big pharmaceutical companies do.

We have taken those great PrimeVapor Flavors and specially formulated them for the best results in the newest form of e-cigarette, the tank system.

So, why would you want a tank system over the disposable cartridges? First of all, you can generally put fargemini vertical single more Vapor Juice in a tank or clearo than you would find in a cartridge. This makes for great endurance between fills. Secondly, most tanks and clearos produce far more vapor than the traditional Flavor Cartridges. Of course, there is a bit more work involved in using these systems. Instead of just unscrewing an empty cartridge and putting on a new one, you have to manually fill the tank with Vapor Juice.

We want to make clear that we know and love the folks who use our disposable Flavor Cartridges. We built this following on this type of electronic cigarette and will never move away from it. In this day and age, things move fast. We just felt that in order to keep our leadership position in e-cigarettes, we have to offer the latest and greatest.

vapor-juice-starter-kit-trimmedWhat do you need to get started? If you are already a PrimeVapor customer with our Chameleon or Saturn 808 batteries, then all you need is our custom Vapor Tank 808 and a bottle of Vapor Juice.

If you are new to PrimeVapor or just want to start fresh, we suggest getting our Vapor Juice Starter Kit. This kit comes with two of a new Atlas 510 batteries, a Gemini clearomizer, USB Charger and a bottle of your choice of Vapor Juice.

One final note. The Atlas 510 battery is designed for use with an incredible number of tanks and clearos on the market. It requires a special charger. Saturn 808 and Chameleon chargers will not work with the Atlas 510.

We are very excited to bring you this new line of products. We will be expanding it constantly. New Vapor Juice Flavors and accessories will be coming out soon. Watch your inbox for new and great offers.

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