A Customer Testimonial

Our customers can write reviews of any of our products. It is PrimeVapor’s policy to approve any and all reviews with the exception of ones containing profane language or personal attacks. Sometimes it is a pleasure to approve them.

This is from our customer, Linda M. reviewing our Gourmet Flavor Sampler:

This sampler is amazing. What else is there to say? Sometimes it is very hard for me to pick which flavors I am going to get with my financial limitations. This sampler pack is my perfect answer. The Carmel Macchiato is so creamy, and the Tiramisu has such sweet undertones. Thanks to Prime Vapor my life has changed. These amazing flavors are made from 3 simple and safe chemicals. Thanks to Prime Vapor I will be smoke free 2 years on February the 3rd. I am considered a non smoker on nicotine therapy.

Since I have started using Prime Vapor, not only have I remained tobacco-Free, I have actually quit drinking coffee and cut down on sweets to the amount of 63 pounds lost since I quit smoking. I get up and vape a caramel macchiato in the morning. And, after meals or whenever I will vape a butter rum or one of these other delicious flavors to curb my sugar cravings. I have never successfully quit smoking without gaining weight until now. My asthma attacks have dropped to 1 or 2 a year. My lungs have cleared to almost a non smokers state in only 2 years. (my doctor stated this from a chest x-ray). And he is amazed. I have become healthier and stronger. And, I no longer have to worry about my family and second hand smoke. I am no longer a walking “smoker stink cloud” and my clothes, breath and house no longer offend people.

At my smoke-free workplace I simply go into a stall in the bathroom and take a few puffs. No one has complained and a few have actually commented on the delicious coffee smell in the ladies room. Prime Vapor has saved me $25 dollars per pay period in smokers fees for my insurance. Prime Vapor has changed my life in very real ways. With the intense flavors made here safely in the US, how can you go wrong? Thank you Prime Vapor, for changing my life. And for not only quitting smoking, but for helping me be a healthier person. That is PRICELESS. 12 of my friends now use the prime vapor systems. And they are all smoke free also. Prime Vapor, you have a customer for life!

Thank you, Linda. It is such a pleasure to sell products that can have a positive impact on our customer’s lives.

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