Saturn 808 Batteries and Kits are back in Stock!

We want to thank everyone for their patience while we restocked our famous Saturn 808 batteries. They are now available and for a limited time you can save 15% on Kits, Batteries and Accessories.

Just use the checkout code SAT49 and your discount on Saturn products will be displayed.

Saturn E-Cigarette Starter Kit

saturn808_black_backgroundReady for a high performance electronic cigarette experience? This kit comes with the most powerful battery we offer, the Saturn This brute has a whopping 4.8 volt energy boost with a long lasting 650mAh charge cycle. What does that mean? The most voltage applied to your Flavor Cartridges for clouds of vapor and true 8 hour endurance for an all day experience. This  battery has the original SmartCharge LED display showing just how much life you have left in the battery every time you press the button. The manual pushbutton operation tells you exactly when the battery begins heating the Flavor Cartridge. Many people prefer manual operation because it allows them to pre-heat the Flavor Cartridge before taking that first draw.

The Saturn E-Cigarette Kit comes in Black Matte Rubberized Finish or the sleek and stylish Stainless Steel look. Either way, this kit is for someone who wants the ultimate vapor cigarette experience and likes the high tech look of this powerful system. Buying the kit will save you over 20% over purchasing the components individually. Before making your choice, we recommend reading our FAQ on choosing the strength of your Flavor Cartridges.

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