Electronic Cigarettes available at gas stations and convenient stores

You might have noticed that your local gas station, convenience store or tobacconist has started offering electronic cigarettes.  It is tempting to try these e-cigarettes. They are generally pretty low cost and are available for immediate purchase. There are even some brands out there that have been purchased by big tobacco companies and have huge marketing budgets. You might find their full page ads in your favorite men’s magazine.

Pretty impressive, eh? So why should you purchase your electronic cigarette supplies and equipment from PrimeVapor? Simple. We offer a superior product. PrimeVapor was started by two former smokers whose lives were changed by the electronic cigarette. We went from heavy tobacco smokers to e-cigarettes without any discomfort at all. However, what we found in the marketplace was disappointing. Either the system was cumbersome or cheap or just did not work as well as we knew these products could. Plus the flavors… poor vapor production, questionable taste and short life. e-cig exploded

First of all, we researched the various systems that were available. After testing literally hundreds of offerings, we decided on using the original e-cigarette system, the well known KR808D-1. This simple two part system features a disposable flavor cartridge or cartomizer that makes using the PrimeVapor a snap. Just screw on a new flavor cartridge when you need to.Saturn Smartcharge

We invented our own version of the KR808D-1. Our Chameleon and Saturn 808 batteries have an exclusive feature called SmartCharge. Every time you use them, an LED shows you just how much charge you have left. No more leaving the house only to find your battery has run down. Our Saturn battery even has a flashlight safety mode to make this a safe and practical part of your day. The Chameleon style batteries look and feel like a cigarette while the high performance Saturn 808 will give you all day endurance.

Now for the flavors. Again, we researched anything we could find. We decided we needed a completely new type of vapor formula that was all our own. We wanted vegetable glycerin as the ingredient that produced the vapor. This all natural US origin food additive creates the most vapor volume, especially when compared to propylene glycol, a cracked hydrocarbon found in many Chinese manufactured flavors. We searched the world for flavor extracts to make a line of flavors of uniquely robust and intense tastes for everyone. Finally, we use only the purest nicotine liquid to offer our customers what they got when they smoked cigarettes.

We took these formulas to a laboratory to process our flavor cartridges. This ISO9002 facility uses the pharmaceutical industry’s Good Manufacturing Practice to produce our flavor cartridges. We wanted the controlled conditions to guarantee our customers fresh and pure flavors.

So there you have it. Try PrimeVapor for the guaranteed finest electronic cigarette experience. We have a no hassle 30 day policy. If you want to return or exchange your PrimeVapor Starter Kits or accessories for any reason, we will cheerfully refund your money.Deluxe-E-Cigarette-Starter-Kit-Black

Get started today by getting one of our Starter Kits. Choose from any of our 18 flavors. You will find that freedom from tobacco can be much easier than you thought. You can even start weaning yourself off of nicotine entirely by slowly stepping down from our Ultra Strong 36mg flavors right down to our Zero Nicotine 0mg offerings.

2 Responses to Electronic Cigarettes available at gas stations and convenient stores

  • Are your e-cigarettes and their accessories UL approved?

  • Bill

    The Electronic Cigarettes themselves are a battery powered device and do not traditionally fall under the purview of United Laboratories.

    The charger we use is powered by the 5VDC output of a computer’s USB port and again does not traditionally fall under the purview of United Laboratories.

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