What are E-Cigarette Flavors Made Of?

PrimeVapor offers a exclusive blend of flavors for Electronic Cigarettes. Many people have asked us just what is in those flavors? Well, let’s take a look at what they are made of:flavors

  • Vegetable Glycerin – PrimeVapor uses only US origin vegetable glycerin. This is the compound that produces the rich, robust vapor you get with a PrimeVapor e-cigarette. Vegetable glycerin is a natural substance made from palm oil. A food additive found in many things on your grocery shelves, vegetable glycerin is used in things like cake frosting and toothpaste. This compares favorably with propylene glycol, another food additive used in most other e-cigarette flavors. Propylene glycol is a cracked hydrocarbon compound. 
  • Flavor Extracts – We get unique and intense food grade flavor extracts from all over the world to make our flavors. Many of our flavors contain up to twenty different extracts to make up the special taste for our e-cigarettes. All our flavor formulations are exclusive to PrimeVapor. Our Brewmaster has created these complex flavors to mimic everything from popular tobacco brands to some flavors you would never think of in a traditional tobacco cigarette. Flavors like Tiramisu, Chocolate Thunder and Butter Rum are one of the things that makes using an e-cigarette a popular alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.
  • Nicotine – PrimeVapor uses the purest nicotine in carefully controlled amounts in our flavor cartridges. This is what makes e-cigarettes a complete alternative to smoking, allowing even heavy tobacco cigarette smokers to switch to our e-cigarettes without any discomfort. We offer our flavors in four different nicotine levels; 36mg (Ultra Strong), 24mg (Strong), 12mg (Light) and 0mg (Zero Nicotine).

All these carefully formulated flavors are processed into our KR808D flavor cartridges right here in the United States in a ISO9002 certified facility using the Good Manufacturing Practices just like the pharmaceutical industries are required to use. Many e-cigarette providers use flavors manufactured and processed in China without these stringent practices.

We feel that our flavor cartridges offer a unique taste experience for our customers.  Try them today, you won’t be disappointed!

4 Responses to What are E-Cigarette Flavors Made Of?

  • My first time purchasing the vapor I did not realize the mg of nicotine made a difference and I bought too strong. I am enjoying the lighter one and was wondering if there is anything that I could use, like vegetable oil, to make the strong oil weaker?

  • Bill

    We do offer all our flavors in medium level nicotine, which will take some of the “bite” out of the vaping experience. Many of our flavors are also offered in a zero nicotine version.

    As far as cartridges you already have in hand, I might suggest putting a drop or two of water in the cartridge to “weaken” the taste.

    The best solution would be to use pure vegetable glycerin. You can find this at health & vitamin stores or online line at places like Heritage Products. Here is a link to their glycerin.. NOTE: This is for reference only. We have no affiliation with this company and do not guarantee their products.

  • What are the actual ingredients that make up the different flavors??

  • Bill

    The original post says that the vapor formulation used by PrimeVapor consists of Vegetable Glycerin, flavor extracts and pure nicotine. If you mean how are the flavors determined, our “Brewmaster” uses up to 20 different flavor extracts to make up our flavors. This makes for an intense, rich taste that is second to none.

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