Electronic Cigarette Zero Nicotine Menthol

Here at PrimeVapor, we have been rolling out many of our exclusive Flavor Cartridges in zero nicotine versions. Here is the first of our extremely popular Menthols in a zero.

Rawhide Green is now available in a Zero Nicotine.

We are offering this great new zero at a 10% discount through Sunday, May 22nd at 11:59PM.

2 Responses to Electronic Cigarette Zero Nicotine Menthol

  • how does this help you to quit smoking if your’re trying to quit? is the non nicotine cartilages better to use if you want to quit? barb8301954@yahoo.com please reply to the email i really want to quit and have tried many times to do so. i hate to spend so much and i don’t like the kit thanks

  • Bill

    Our product is an alternative to smoking. We do have many reports of customers who started with our full strength nicotine cartridges and worked their way down to zero. Then they have a choice as to whether to continue using the product or stopping entirely.

    That is what we are all about. We give smokers a choice they never had before.

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