E-cigs and Pets: What to be aware of


Research shows us that vaping is far safer for humans than smoking is, but does the same rule apply to our pets? Admittedly walking in the room to find your cat or dog vaping would be slightly out of the ordinary, but are they in danger of being harmed simply by being exposed to vapor from e-cigs? In this blog post we’ll talk about the effects of vaping around pets and what to be cautious of.

Be wary of vapor juice around pets

The main issue of pets and e-cigs largely centres around vapor juice – particularly those containing nicotine. Since nicotine is a poison, it goes without saying that drinking vapor juice is not a good idea. There have been some unfortunate incidents where children have consumed vapor juice by drinking it and ended up seriously ill or in the worst cases, have died. Since our pets are also unaware of what vapor juice is, the same applies to them. Always keep vapor juice out of reach of children and pets, for example, on a high shelf or lockable box.

Second-hand vaping and pets

So what about the effects of second-hand vapor? Some continue to argue that e-cigs contain harmful chemicals, despite overwhelming evidence from researchers of e-cigarettes that says otherwise. But when people express their concerns about harmful chemicals in vapor, they rarely talk about the amounts involved. It’s important to remember that harmful chemicals are only present in much lower quantities of vapor than in cigarette smoke, often hundreds of times less or even lower.

Most studies of second-hand vaping don’t find detectable amounts of harmful chemicals in the room after vaping. In such low quantities, it’s hard to distinguish from the amounts naturally present in the air, which means any risk to your pets from vaping will be minimal. We’ll talk about the effects of second-hand vapor on humans in next week’s blog post.

Cats and PG

As we mentioned in one of our previous posts, we do not use Propylene Glycol (PG) in our formulas, we only use Vegetable Glycerin (VG). If you are using e-cigs from other suppliers which contain PG, something you may not be aware of is that cats have a unique sensitivity to this ingredient. When PG was used in cat foods, it was linked to a condition called Heinz Body Anaemia, whereby the red blood cells lose their structure and become unable to carry oxygen. Cat food no longer contains PG for this reason.

Admittedly cats would need to consume a large amount of PG in order to be at risk, and would not be harmed simply by inhaling the substance. That being said, you should not vape near your cat’s food or water, or indeed blow clouds into their faces. In other words, limit your cat’s exposure as much as your can, or switch to a vapor juice containing VG, like those sold by Prime Vapor.

Why choose Prime Vapor?

Man vaping electronic cigarette and blowing smoke.

There are plenty of companies selling e-cigarettes out there, so why should you choose Prime Vapor?

Well, asides from offering an exclusive line of Premium E-Cigarette flavors made here in the USA, we only sell tanks and clearomizers that have been rigorously tested, as well as a full line of chargers and accessories.

Our complex flavors made from FDA approved extracts and all-natural vegetable glycerin are available in various nicotine strengths, including zero-nicotine versions, and come in both pre-filled cartridges and bottled e-liquids.

Prime Vapor also sell a wide variety of high-performance batteries, including feature-rich EVOD and EGO batteries so you are in total control of your vaping experience.

We offer a 30-day no hassle return policy on all hardware and unbeatable customer service via email, online chat and toll-free number.

Here’s what CEO, Bill had to say:

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Which e-cigarette kit should you buy?

Depending on your reasons for choosing vaping, your requirements for a starter kit may vary somewhat. Perhaps you’re someone ready to quit smoking and looking for that same tobacco taste in an e-cig. Or maybe you’ve never smoked before and want to avoid nicotine when vaping. Whatever your specification, Prime Vapor has the right starter kit for you.

Starter kit for the former smoker

Whether you’re a former smoker or trying to quit, our Tobacco Starter Kit is the easiest way to begin your experience with e-cigs, giving you the same full-flavor without the harmful toxins. This kit contains everything you need to get started – two batteries, a charger and a five pack of Rawhide Red Flavor Cartridges in the highest strength we offer.

Starter kit for the no-nicotine vaper

If you want to start vaping without inhaling nicotine, our Non-Nicotine Starter Kit is the choice for you. Some former smokers that choose to start with zero nicotine e-cigarettes worry that they will succumb to cravings, which is why we include five zero nicotine Flavor Cartridges in this kit. Choose from great flavors, including Caramel Macchiato, Tiramisu and Triple Mint.

Starter kit for the multi-tasker

Our Deluxe E-Cigarette Starter Kit is great for the multitasker. Whether you are a vaper who is busy running errands and doesn’t have time to run home and charge their e-cig, or even if you just prefer to have a few extra e-cigs charged and ready to go, this kit contains two batteries, as well as a charger and a five pack of Flavor Cartridges in your choice of flavor.

Starter kit for couples

Start vaping with a friend, lover or significant other. This kit contains everything you both need to get started, with double the equipment! Our Couples E-Cigarette Starter Kit contains four batteries, two chargers and two five packs of Flavor Cartridges in your choice of flavor.

Not sure what starter kit is right for you? Contact us, or tweet us @primevapor

Why should I vape?

Battery mod with tank rebuildable. High quality photo realistic render

Maybe you’re just trying out vaping, or you’ve never tried it before. Either way, chances are you’re going to have a lot of questions. We hope this blog post will provide you with all the information you need to start.

What is vaping?

Put quite simply, vaping is like smoking. Instead of using burning tobacco with up to 4,000 chemical by-products, including at least 50 that are known carcinogens, our system vaporizes a mixture of vegetable glycerin (a food additive), flavors and pure nicotine. Vaporizers vary from model to model, but usually contain a battery, atomizer, and replaceable cartridge. The easiest way to begin your experience with e-cigs is with one of our Starter Kits.

Is vaping addictive like smoking?

While vaporizers are far less toxic than regular cigarettes, many still contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance. Many former smokers who make the transition to e-cigs will choose a vaporizer containing nicotine in order to combat one craving at a time. If you’re looking to cut our nicotine completely, check out our ‘Zero Nicotine’ range.

What are the benefits of vaping?

Other benefits of vaping include the availability of interesting e-liquid flavors, which makes vaping more enjoyable, the fact that they are more aesthetically appealing and do not omit odor or residue like cigarette smoke does, and that they are more convenient. Although more places are starting to ban vaping in certain indoor spaces, it is still acceptable to vape in more places than it is to smoke.

You can find answers to other popular questions, including: ‘Which E-Cigarette Starter Kit is right for me?’, ‘Are E-Cigarettes  cheaper than smoking?’ and ‘Why should I buy from PrimeVapor E-Cigarettes?’ on our FAQ page, or to find out more, visit  our ‘new to e-cigs’ page.

Top Vaping Tips for Bad Weather

Dramatic lighting bearded man smokes a vape e-cigarette

Vaping enthusiasts will be aware of the increasing number of indoor-vaping bans being imposed in cities across the US. The good news? You can keep on vaping right through winter. You just need to be aware of a few risks when doing so. Here’s our guide to winter vaping.

Your battery life may be at risk

Low temperatures can seriously reduce the battery life of your e-cig, with a fully-charged battery having around 70% of its normal capacity at -10°C. When the battery is cold, chemical reactions become less efficient and energy levels are much lower, so you may also find that the maximum voltage decreases too. Although running cold batteries doesn’t cause permanent damage to your e-cig, you will have to charge it a lot more regularly. It is also worth noting that charging batteries when they’re cold can permanently reduce their capacity. You can prevent this by keeping your batteries warm – either in your pocket or in an insulated area.


Due to the VG content in most e-juices, they will not freeze. They are, however, at risk of thickening in cold temperatures, and the ingredients may also separate. This means they don’t wick as easily, causing dry hits or even burning out cotton wicks. To avoid this problem, it’s important to keep your atomizer warm to keep the liquid from thickening. It’s best to let your e-juice warm up for approximately 48 hours before you vape it so that it will flow properly into your wick.

Drip tips

In cold weather, the drip tip tends to get colder a lot faster than the rest of the e-cig, and using a metal drip tip is particularly risky in cold weather. When metal gets below freezing point, your skin tends to stick to it, and the sensitive skin on your lips is particularly vulnerable to that. A good tip is to switch to a non-metallic drip tip in winter POM or other plastics are ideal. If you’re insistent on having a metal drip tip, make sure you apply lip balm first!

Have your own tips for vaping in bad weather? Share them with us @primevapor

4 Tips for Flavor-Chasers

Closeup man with facial hair smoking on electronic cigarette, facing camera blowing smoke.

In case you’re wondering what we mean by ‘flavor-chasers’, they are ‘vapers who prefer the flavor above all else with their vaping experience’. There are many techniques flavor-chasers can use to intensify their vaping experience, so we’ve rounded up the best.

Adjust the settings of your e-cig

Different e-liquids vaporize at different temperatures, so adjusting the settings of your e-cigs is a great way to improve flavor. It’s best to start at a lower setting and gradually increase until you hit the ‘sweet spot’, which will vary flavor to flavor. For example, one e-juice might have maximum flavor at 5 W, while the other tastes better at 10 W. So experiment away!

Look after your e-juice

E-juices can degrade if stored poorly, so it’s important to keep them away from light and heat. Some e-juices can also be ‘steeped’, for example, by leaving juice in a cool, dark place and occasionally shaking the bottle, or letting the e-juice breathe for short periods by opening the cap. This doesn’t guarantee great results, but it’s certainly worth a try.

Try a new flavor

Changing to a new flavor from every now and then is a great way to ensure maximum flavor every time you use your e-cig. If you choose to always vape the same e-juice, you may develop ‘vaper’s tongue’, which is essentially a lack of flavor after extended use. Our great flavors include cherry, triple mint and caramel macchiato. Try something new!

Reduce your airflow

Adjustable airflow systems on atomizers such as our ONIYO Vapor Tank enable you to close off the airflow in your e-cig to produce a warmer, denser vape with maximum flavor. As with the power setting, start low and gradually adjust to larger airflow settings until you hit maximum flavor.

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Have you ever had a defective Flavor Cartridge?

PrimeVapor makes thousands and thousands Flavor Cartridges at our production facility. Even with our strict quality control process, there can be cases where a cartridge escapes into our stock that are not up to our standards.

PrimeVapor only wants to provide our customers with the very best product for the very best vaping experience. We have always had a policy of replacing any cartridge a customer feels is defective for whatever reason. All the customer has to do is make the request for replacements in the comments section of their next order. Our fulfillment depart will honor any reasonable request.




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