Have you ever had a defective Flavor Cartridge?

PrimeVapor makes thousands and thousands Flavor Cartridges at our production facility. Even with our strict quality control process, there can be cases where a cartridge escapes into our stock that are not up to our standards.

PrimeVapor only wants to provide our customers with the very best product for the very best vaping experience. We have always had a policy of replacing any cartridge a customer feels is defective for whatever reason. All the customer has to do is make the request for replacements in the comments section of their next order. Our fulfillment depart will honor any reasonable request.




Fantasy Football Savings Event

fantasy-football-16Fantasy football? How about fantasy e-cigarette savings? In honor of the start of the American football season, we would like to offer our customers an instant 15% discount off your entire order. Just use the code FANTASY at checkout and watch those savings appear.

iStick Mini_RedSPECIAL OFFER: Spend $200 or more and get one of our exciting new Mini iStick Batteries at no charge. Complete with adapters for Vapor Juice or Flavor Cart users. Small in size, but not in power, the iStick Mini is the latest in e-cigarette technology. The iStick Mini has a voltage control system that lets you set the power just the way you want. Hidden behind the silver top is an LED screen that shows vape duration, remaining battery charge and voltage setting.

Important news: PrimeVapor changes checkout process

All sellers of electronic cigarettes are now required to confirm that anyone purchasing their products must be at least 18 years of age or older. While PrimeVapor has always asked users of our website to confirm their age, we are now required to confirm the age of anyone actually purchasing from us.

Whenever you checkout an order from PrimeVapor, you will now notice a checkbox above the CONFIRM ORDER button. You must confirm you are 18 years of age or older by clicking on this checkbox in order to proceed with the final order confirmation.


Gold Medal E-Cigarette Savings

Gold-medal-savings-16Here at PrimeVapor, we are all big fans of the Olympics. In fact, quite a few of us used to be involved in iStick Mini_Silver-croppedOlympic sports as vendors and technicians. So, why not a great reason for a sale to celebrate all this Gold Medal activity.

Now you can save 15% off your entire order just by using the discount code GOLD at checkout.

To top it all off, you can get one of our new Mini iStick Batteries at no charge with any order of $200 or more.

Don’t miss out on this limited time offer!

Why should you use PrimeVapor E-Cigarette Flavors

E-Cigarettes are available from many sources these days. Everything from strip mall vape shops to gas stations to the Internet. With all these choices, why should you buy from PrimeVapor? The answer is simple. We offer the very best flavor and vapor production.

There are three compounds in all of our nicotine e-cigarette flavors:

  • Vegetable Glycerin: An FDA approved food additive, when Vegetable Glycerin is heated it produces the vapor that looks and feels like “smoke”. There are some manufacturers that use the hydrocarbon based Propelyne Glycol, but it is our opinion that Vegetable Glycerin not only all natural, but provides the best vapor production.
  • FDA approved flavor extracts: This is what we blend to make the flavor you enjoy. This is also where any concerns about questionable chemicals are found. We have tested our flavor extracts for the presence of diacetyl and other compounds of concern to make sure that they do not appear in our products.
  • Nicotine in a vegetable glycerin suspension: This is what you want to completely simulate the experience of smoking a burning tobacco cigarette. PrimeVapor only uses the purest US made nicotine.
  • There are also many of our flavors available in Zero Nicotine formulations.

PrimeVapor manufactures all it’s vapor products in the United States under strict laboratory conditions. This not only assures consistent results but allows us to completely control the flavors that are exclusive to PrimeVapor.

Why not try our Vapor Juice e-liquid or our KR808D Flavor Cartridges today? Normally, you need an order of $75 or more to get free shipping. Right now, you can order any of our flavors and get free shipping for any order total. Just use the code TRYUS at checkout and your shipping charge will disappear. A great opportunity to try our flavors at no risk You will never know how great vaping can be until you try PrimeVapor!

For all of our Vapor Juice flavors, click here.

For all of our Flavor Cartridges Flavors, click here.

FDA news and PrimeVapor

The media has recently been flooded with many statements about the recent FDA ruling and its impact on electronic cigarettes.

These FDA regulations are overreaching, costly, and place an enormous burden on an industry made up of tens of thousands of independent retailers. The regulations hamper innovation, ignore science and research data, and in their current form will prove hazardous to all of us who rely on this beloved alternative to combustible tobacco.

We believe in freedom of choice, we believe in fair and reasonable regulations to protect consumers and the public health, and we believe in this lifesaving technology that provides millions with an alternative to lethal combustible tobacco products. The current regulatory framework introduced by the FDA will eliminate 99% of all e-liquid, 99% of all hardware. All of the rapid innovations that we have experienced in recent years along with the potential for increased public good that these technologies can provide to society will be stopped.

PrimeVapor has always been committed to offering products that are made with the consumer in mind. We are members of many e-cigarette industry groups and closely monitor all the news and information related to electronic cigarettes. (Follow @primevapor for our curated source of e-cigarette news). We feel at this time there will not be any instant change to the status of our products. There is already legislation pending in the US House of Representatives that will limit the FDA’s power to enforce the draconian regulations put forth recently. There are also a number of lawsuits already filed to force the FDA to reconsider its position.

Regulation of some kind is inevitable for our industry. With that in mind, PrimeVapor has worked with its suppliers from the beginning to use the best practices found in segments like the pharmaceutical industry to model our processes and procedures.

We will continue to offer the very best in electronic cigarettes supplies and equipment. We will continue to make the very best flavors on the market using all natural vegetable glycerin and FDA approved flavor extracts to offer our customers the ultimate alternative to smoking.

We look forward to being of service to you in the future.


William (Bill) Fischer, President


New and improved PrimeVapor Website

PrimeVapor offers all its products direct to you via the Internet. We believe that our website must offer the best customer experience possible. With that in mind, we announce a new and improved design of our site.

What’s new?


Designed to load faster and display all the information you want right where you need it.


Simplfied navagation and improved search function.


Go right to your favorite category easily from our home page.


Be sure to look at our featured products for all the latest from PrimeVapor.

Optimized for all mobile devices


Smartphones and tablets work perfectly with our new site. Place orders, check stock, review orders and visit our Blog or FAQ section from a huge variety of devices. iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows devices will all perform flawlessly.


Security and encryption on PrimeVapor

There has been quite a bit of talk lately about how secure your information is in this digital world. Every day we face on onslaught of potential security risks in our everyday life. Should I encrypt my smartphone? Is this website safe for me to type in that credit card? The list is endless.

Let’s make one thing simpler for you. PrimeVapor is one of the few online retailers than run their entire store using the HTTPS secure protocol. As soon as you enter our store, look for the little “padlock” symbol in your browser’s toolbar. This will confirm that everything you send or receive from our store is protected using this gold standard of security. Not just the order checkout where you enter your credit card, but everything. This extra layer of security is just one of the ways we put our customer’s interests first.

Try it for your self by clicking here to enter our store.

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